Anonymous asked: Hey!! I logged onto Tumblr, via computer and I saw one of your posts as the log in background. You know how it changes every time and whatnot? Well one your pictures was on it and I thought this might make you smile! Have a lovely day 😘

NO WAY????? That’s so cool thanks for telling me! Man you shoulda got a screenshot of that, that is just crazy. Which picture of me was it?

I need your help!

So here’s the deal. I’m getting myself into the sexiest outfit I can put together when I get off work and then meeting Mickey at a bar and we are going to pretend like we haven’t met yet and make up fake names and one of us will eventually take the other home… You get where I’m going with this. Here is where y’all come in: I am having the worst time coming up with a name for myself. If you can think of a good one you should be super amazing and send it to me in my inbox and I will be so happy (:

Seriously tho I will come up with the coolest, sexiest persona to match the name just do it I’m begging ya!


thank you


thank you


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I took too many pictures today… Ooops


you’ve got a lil’ somethin’ right there

the only thing that is worse than canceled plans after you have already gotten completely dressed and ready is hook ups that never happen after you have already spent an extra 20 minutes in the shower shaving and making sure your junk looks extra beautiful

Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful, Alyssa. More than a little jealous of your boy ;) <3

Awwwwwwww thank you! Nah I’m way more lucky to have him because he is truly my Prince Charming💕

Anonymous asked: hey what would be some good back to school outfits? i've already started but would still like the ideas. love your style! ps i'm a college girl!

Aww wow thank you!! Well that’s a tough one cause I really like a bit of everything. I tag all my full body outfit pics with ootd though if you want to scroll through that ( Sorry I’m on mobile and about to head to work, when I get off I will try to make a big post of possible outfits for you because this is probably my favorite thing to do lol!!!! Just message me again later this evening, I get off around 530pm! (: